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Fridge Repair by AC SAVIOUR Engineering

Our promise to customers

  • - 100% Repair on Location!
  • - Fully licensed technicians
  • - 30 days warranty
  • - Decades of experience
  • - Repairs most major brands

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Licensed Fridge Repair Technicians

100% licensed and trained technicians by relevant government agencies.

That is our promise to you, our customers.

With decades of professional experience, we have been providing dependable and unfailing fridge repair services around Singapore. Because our business is centered on the provision of services, we always invest on top quality manpower, our skilled and licensed fridge repair technicians. Although we already have a steady team of fridge repair specialists, we continue to look for competent candidates who can join our growing team.

Fridge Repair: It’s Mainly about Skills and Experience

Getting a fridge is quite a big investment. As a homeowner who protects that investment, you would not want unscrupulous fridge repair technicians handling the repair job. For this reason, our hiring process includes a meticulous selection of skilled individuals who already have more than 20 years of professional experience in the fridge repair industry. This helps our company ensure that all our clients are receiving nothing but the highest quality of fridge repair and maintenance services. We take pride on our fridge repair team, that’s why all our fridge repair services come with a 30 day warranty.

Licensed vs. Non-licensed Fridge Repair Technician

There is a big difference between a fridge repair technician who is trained and licensed by relevant government bodies, and a fridge repair technician who only learns through video tutorials.

We take our fridge repair work very seriously, and with that, we assure our clients that our company only employs fridge repair technicians who are licensed by the Building Construction Authority (BCA) and Institution of Technical of Singapore (ITE). These agencies have been organizing the Installation of Structural Supports for Air-Con Condensing Units. Moreover, they also provide technicians the recent developments in the relevant regulations such as the Code of Practice. Lastly, these agencies also impart the latest knowledge to enable fridge repair technicians become more technically competent to meet the current standards of the fridge repair industry.

Benefits of Hiring Licensed Fridge Repair Technicians

Entrust your pricy appliance with a licensed fridge repair technician, and you will get the following benefits:

  • Accurate Inspection – Our licensed fridge repair technicians are trained to cautiously inspect the condition of your appliance. They do not base their judgment on the ocular inspection alone; rather, they make sure that all systems are checked before giving a fridge repair solution.
  • Fast Service – Because our licensed fridge repair technicians really know what they are doing, the entire repair service will be done promptly.
  • Brand Familiarity – There are many brands of fridges available in Singapore today. To make sure that your fridge will be repaired right away, let our licensed fridge repair technicians do the work. Rest assured that they are familiar with most international brands and ALL local fridge brands.
  • Friendly Service – We know how stressful it is to have a broken fridge, so our licensed fridge repair technicians will not add any physical or emotional strain to you. In fact, they are trained to deal with different people and situations so they can effectively apply their people skills in front of clients.

A licensed fridge repair specialist is the only one who should fix your appliance.

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