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Our promise to customers

  • - 100% Repair on Location!
  • - Fully licensed technicians
  • - 30 days warranty
  • - Decades of experience
  • - Repairs most major brands

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13 NovQuestions to ask your fridge repair expert 0

Here are some of the normally asked questions by our customers:

  • - How long does it take to repair my refridgerator?
  • - Is it cheaper to repair the fridge compared to buying a new one?
  • - There’s a layer of dust caked around my coils, is it time to replace them?
  • - Are there any simple maintenance tips you can give me to make my fridge last longer?
  • - Is it true putting steaming hot food into the fridge will cause it to malfunction?
  • - I might find out my fridge has broken when I...
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17 NovSigns your fridge needs to be repaired 0

  • To know when your refrigerator needs to be repaired, there are quite a number of tell tale signs. The more obvious ones would be when it just is not as cool as it used to be. This could range from compressor issues to simply the coils or the refrigerant, so it’s advisable to call the fridge repair service at the soonest to prevent the damaged parts from overworking, thus causing damage to the adjoining components.
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17 NovProfessional fridge repair services 0

  • On the day that you have a sharp pain in your head for no apparent reason, would you ask your close friend to come around to your place to take a look at your head and prescribe medication to alleviate the oain for you? What if he or she has no qualifications whatsoever in the medical field? And yet that is what people tend to do when something goes wrong at home, even if their friend only has the prior experience of assembling a table from IKEA. And in my personal experience, pushing four legs into the base of the table top does not give you an Engineering Degree from MIT.
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17 NovWhy you should not repair your fridge by yourself 0

  • Fridge repair might seem an easy task with the various media platforms like Wikipedia and YouTube offering advice, with even step by step demonstrations on how it can be done. But not unlike replacing a punctured tyre on your car or even solving the colourful Rubik’s cube, refrigerator repair is not as easy as people make it out to be. If done incorrectly, many issues can arise, on top of hurting yourself, dropping the fridge heavily against the floor or even banging it against the wall tiles, which will more than put dents in your wallet.
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