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Questions to ask your fridge repair expert

Questions to ask your fridge repair expert

Here are some of the normally asked questions by our customers:

  • - How long does it take to repair my refridgerator?
  • - Is it cheaper to repair the fridge compared to buying a new one?
  • - There’s a layer of dust caked around my coils, is it time to replace them?
  • - Are there any simple maintenance tips you can give me to make my fridge last longer?
  • - Is it true putting steaming hot food into the fridge will cause it to malfunction?
  • - I might find out my fridge has broken when I take my midnight snack, can I call you then?
  • I always keep my fridge temperature setting at the coldest regardless of what is in it, is that advisable?

We will be most glad to answer your fridge repair questions. Just give us a call at 90070520 when your fridge is having problems! :)

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